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Yesterday - October 21, 2021


Oneko is a screenmate for X written in C. It has different skins e.g. cat cat, dog dog, tora (striped cat) tora, Cardcaptor Xakura chasing your mouse cursor. Images used are .xbm (X bitmap) files.


MicroPython/CircuitPython DOS-like shell for microcontroller boards like the RasPi Pico and Featherwing.


Xterm Window Manager (XtermWM) is a desktop environment / window manager for the console. XtermWM is expected to be helpful to users who want to have multiple windowed terminals, but not a full X11 desktop environment, admins who want a more capable physical console at the rack / head node, but will not (or cannot) install X11/Wayland, and people who used the DOS-era "shells" like IBM DOS Shell, DESQview, WordPerfect Office, and Direct Access, and want similar features in their terminals without having to learn Emacs Lisp.

How to Win at CORS, by Jake Archibald

CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) is hard. It's hard because it's part of how browsers fetch stuff, and that's a set of behaviours that started with the very first web browser over thirty years ago. Since then, it's been a constant source of development; adding features, improving defaults, and papering over past mistakes without breaking too much of the web.

Anyway, I figured I'd write down pretty much everything I know about CORS, and to make things interactive, I built an exciting new app.