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September 30, 2022


OpenEMC is an open-source firmware implementing an embedded management controller (EMC) on an STM32F1 microcontroller. It consists of a bootloader and firmware (both written in Rust) and Linux kernel driver modules (written in C).

Implements communication with the host over I2C and one interrupt line, field-upgradable firmware, full power control, a system watchdog, a real-time clock (RTC) with alarm and system wake-up, GPIO with interrupts, pin control, an analog digital converter (ADC), and full Linux device tree integration.

Waffle House Index

The Waffle House Index is an informal metric named after the Waffle House restaurant chain to determine the effect of a storm and the likely scale of assistance required for disaster recovery. It was coined by former administrator Craig Fugate of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The metric is unofficially used by FEMA to inform disaster response.

REST API: https://wafflehouseindex.live/docs